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Nicole Marie Dallman

October 29, 1987 - February 11, 2024

It is with profound sadness and heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of our beloved Nicole Marie Dallman. She departed this world on February 11, 2024, leaving behind a void that can never be mended. Nicole was born on October 29, 1987, to Marjorie Robinson & Lyle Dallman. 

She grew up in Minocqua, Wisconsin where she developed an unwavering love for animals and the ocean.  Nicole's bravery and ambition were evident, even as a young child. Nicole was very diligent with work and school and would often work two jobs in the summertime. Her unrelenting desire to explore the world motivated her to successfully graduate early from high school. She had dreams of living near the ocean fueled by a powerful vision of walking along the sandy beaches everyday. It is because of this vision, she bravely made her way blindly to Casa Grande, Az. She secured employment at the Francisco Grande Hotel & Golf Resort for eight years. It is here, where Nicole found the love of her life, Andrew Carpenter. She would spend the remaining fourteen years of life, embraced in a unified bond of mutual love that confirmed she was right where she needed and wanted to be.....with Andrew. 

Their love for animals knew no bounds and they would often go above and beyond to ensure their well- being. Nicole and Andrew rescued four canine companions who were their pride and joy named Jasmine, Lucky, Duke and Spencer. Nicole selflessly shared the same unconditional love for members in her family. When her mother became disabled,  Nicole, without hesitation, became her in-home care giver.

The impact of her absence leaves an indescribable ache felt deeply by family, friends and countless animals whom she provided with love, care and second chances.

Nicole's unexpected passing reminds us to cherish our loved ones and to live everyday like it's our last. May we all find solace knowing that Nicole rests in the eternal embrace of the oceans she loved so deeply. 

We will always treasure the beautiful memories you gave to us but your love is what we will remember and your love is what will stay with us now, tomorrow and.....forever.

Dear Heavenly we navigate through the depths of grief, we ask for your healing touch. Please mend the brokenness in our hearts and bring light to our darkness. Help us find the strength to move forward while cherishing the love and memories that will forever remain. Amen.

Nicole is survived by her spouse Andrew Carpenter, her mother & father; Marjorie Robinson & Lyle Dallman, step siblings; Sheila Lynn and Chad Dallman, her aunts; Renee, Kathy Dehne & Dianne Donner and her uncle, Perry Dehne.


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