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Bobby E. Schultz

April 25, 1934 - May 11, 2022

Bobby E. Schultz, 88, passed away May 11, 2022 in Arizona City. He was born in Edgeley, ND on April 25, 1934.

Bobby was an entrepreneur at a very young age. He made toy lead soldiers to sell to his friends and gave himself 2 cases of lead poisoning by the time he was 6. He went to 8th grade and started farming right away until he went into the Army. After serving in the Army he went back to farming and married Darleen Lowe and they were married for 63 years. They moved to Farmington, MN where he started a small truck line. He returned to farming when he bought a dairy farm in Carlos, MN. After 7 years he sold the farm and went back to trucking. They moved to AZ City in 1983 and he retired in 2003. He then spent his retirement fishing and going to Alex's Coffee Shop and telling "big fish" stories.

Bobby lived a full life and was loved by all.

He is survived by his wife Darleen; children David Schultz of Canyon, MN, Kari Wunderlich of Owatonna, MN, Barbara Rector of AZ City, and James Schultz of Fulton, NY; 10 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.

Memorial services will be at a later date.


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