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Larry Hall

April, 29, 1954 - March, 28, 2021

Larry Hall from Eloy, passed away on 03, 28, 2021, he was born in Granite City Il.,

and moved to East St. Lois. He joined the Army & was a Vietnam Vet

After the service he moved to Arizona where he has resided until his death.

He worked as an electrician supervisor until retirement.

He is survived by his son: Jeron Lamont Leroy, sisters: Karen Marie Bramlett, brother

John Marcus Hall & Carl Lamont Hall, and many nieces and nephews.

He is preceded in death by John & Elean Hall-parents, Patricia Commey, Shawn Hall,

Vickie L. Hall & Carla Y. Hall- siblings

Larry will be missed by all.

No services.


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