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Page Nowassa Sparkman

May, 16, 1942 - March, 25, 2021

On March 25, 2021 Page Sparkman, love of Max's life died in Casa Grade, Az.

Page was a strong woman who despite long coping with COPD7 heart problems

had overcame cancer three times in her life. Ultimately, Page passed peacefully in

her sleep. As a Christian, we know she has gone to be with God.

Page was born in May 1942 as page Nowassa Gardner, in Santa Rosa, NM.

She was preceded in death by her father Paul Gardner, mother Joyce Tosh Gardner,

sister Darlene Gardner and brother Martin Gardner. Page would tell you that from her

father, who died when she was young, she learned the joy of family & the self-respect

of a job well done.

Page Sparkman was a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother. She is survived by

her 84 year old husband, and the love of her life Max Sparkman. Together Max & Page

have 7 adult children,16 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren. I say "together" because Page

would tell you there are no "step" in these family. in fact, all spouse's are counted as her family!

Pages' children include: Sherrel Carryer, Missy & Randy Paul, Brenda Armstrong, Max Dee

& Wendy Sparkman, and Carlton Armstrong. Pages' grandchildren include: Misty & Thomas Brown,

Amanda Sanchez, Christopher Greathouse, Heather Carryer, Derek Armstrong, Amber & Steve Williamson

Kristy & Adam Coats, Andrea & Wes Carlisle, Shawna Lee & Jesse Gomez, Laura & Tyler

Armstrong. Pages' great- grandchildren include Hope Herrera, Jack Brown, Jake Brown, Anabelle Diaz,

Day Coats, Skyler Coats Andrew Lucas, Grace Lee Emma Coats, Scarlet Gomez, and Isaiah


Max & Page have experienced a deep love for one another and family. Each knew the other as

friends many years before marrying. Page was neighbor to & best friend of Mary Blute Dennison, Max's

sister. This was in Tucson, Az. Although Max lived in Ca., life would find all three families growing up through

the years with their children playing together & adults all visiting at Mary' house. It was a few years after

Max had divorced that Page was widowed. Marry played matchmaker between her best friend & her

little brother. Brave, strong and very much in love Page married Max in 1977.

Understanding the importance of family, as few people do today, Page chose to be a homemaker and

raise five teenagers into adulthood. Together, in 44 years of marriage, Page & Max have lived in Ca. Az.

and NM. Page was an excellent money manager and despite their choice to raise a family on a single

income, upon retirement Max and Page were quite comfortable & very happy.

They returned to his home town of Casa Grande, Az. in 2006. Buying land and a home just south of town,

they settled in to enjoy the gorgeous Arizona sunsets together. Page has left her "love of family" as

fingerprints on our hearts. She will be missed terribly by all of her family.


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